Simple, Smart, Secure

Frxnl is an innovative DeFi platform that allows you to invest in high quality real estate assets in the form of Tokenized assets. The platform implements an On-Chain in compliance mechanism that enforces the relevant restictions based on the aset type and geography.


Investors hold the power to make decisions regarding the asset they own via e-voting and get complete transparency from Frxnl.

Security & Trust

Smart contracts & on-chain governance secured via blockchain technology to keep investors transact with utmost security.

Enhanced liquidity

Buy, hold & even sell your tokens as per your investment goals easily on our marketplace.


About Us

Frxnl is here to create the next revolution in the finance world where the investment process is truly democratic and drives financial freedom for the investor. With focus on technology & transparency, we offer the fractionalization platform for tokenization of high-quality assets managed by professional management.


Our Coverage

What are tokenized assets?

Tokenized Asset Offering allows investors to exchange cryptocurrency or government-issued currency for shares or ‘tokens’ of high-value assets.


Why create tokenized assets?

Low entry barriers

By breaking down assets into more affordable fractions, security tokens democratize access to premium assets.


As digital tokens can be securely and efficiently transferred without a middleman, trading of these asset-backed tokens becomes easier & cheaper, leading to increased liquidity.


As the entry barriers of owning tokenized assets become lower, investors are able to create highly diversified portfolios with non-market linked assets.

Increased efficiency

You cut out the middleman, and get on-chain governance of assets and smart contracts making it a very trustworthy and efficient platform.

Our Core Team

Professional Experts

We're proud to present team Frxnl. The co-founders & the advisory board brings a combined industry experience of more than 200 years. The core team brings diverse expertise in technology, real estate, and private equity.


Amit Uppal

CEO & Co-Founder


Rahul Raj Gogna

COO & Co-Founder


Ankur Grover

CTO & Co-Founder


Nayan Miranda

Finance Head


HS Krrithiya

Marketing Head


Devyani Kaushik

Design Manager


Dayanidhee Singh

Lead Developer

Our Advisor

RK Narayan

RK Narayan

COO, Allcargo Logistics & Industrial Parks

Sandeep Agarwal

Sandeep Agarwal

Dir F&A, Mulia Property Development, KL


Nilmani Gautam

VP, Head of Global Real Estate, NBK Capital, Dubai

Aman Govil

Aman Govil

Head of Marketing Automation & Ads, Google

Prashant Parashar

Prashant Parashar

VP & Head of Engineering, Ola